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The zeta program can be used as a special kind of screen saver. Like other screen savers it starts up when you leave your computer unattended, and it stops running as soon as you start working with your computer again. What it does in the interim is unique. While the screen saver is active, your computer will help to verify the Riemann Hypothesis by finding zeros. You can be part of mathematical history!

The main properties of this screen saver are the following:

  • The program is only active during the idle time of the screen saver (pull not push mechanism).
  • The screen saver can be stopped any time without delay.
  • The integration of your resource (e.g. your computer) in the network is only needed to retrieve a new work unit and to deliver a result, apart from that the screen saver can run offline.
  • Work units which are not yet completed will be stored temporarily on your local hard disk. The space required depends on your own configuration and will range from 10 MB for one small work unit to 47 MB for five huge work units (the default configuration needs about 16 MB).
  • Every transfer of data through the network uses a security mechanism to protect your privacy.

The main properties of the ZetaGrid framework:

  • After a time frame of about 7 days all incomplete work units will be redistributed.
  • Every participating user will get a trust factor to balance workload and configure result verification level.

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