Performance characteristics
Performance characteristics
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Performance characteristics:
The current performance characteristics are available at the statistics.
Performance index (zeros per second) on various platforms:
Please send us your performance data if your computer is not contained in the following list. You can get the performance data by the ZetaGrid Progress Monitor or by the ZetaGrid Control Center (for Windows only).

indexwork unit IDversiondateusercomputer systemJava VMoperating system
70.20829616642000014007/07/2004vade_amd64AMD Athlon 64 3500+/Asus A8V/1GB CL21.5.0beta2Windows XP Prof
63.89746896473800014004/25/2004StilgarPentium4 3,0@3,42 Ghz/MSI-875P/512MB DUALCHANNEL1.4.2_03Windows XP Professional
53.33156169031400013110/16/2002Diermeier JürgenPIV1800@2400-AsusP4S533-512MB-DDR3331.3.1_04Windows XP
53.19163776038000013110/11/2002Matthias KubikIBM Intellistation P-IV 2.2 GhzJDK 1.4.1-beta-b14Linux
52.40156169031400013110/16/2002Diermeier JürgenPIV1800@2400-AsusP4S533-512MB-DDR3331.4.1_01Windows XP
51.19192646873500013211/15/2002Stefan AdlerAthlonXP 1800+ @1533MHz,Elitegroup K7VTA3 3.0,256MB DDR CL2,0IBM JRE 1.3.0Linux 2.4.16
48.70502557866500013608/25/2003Jorge CoveiroPIV2000A@2600-AsusP4533T-C-512MB-PC8001.4.2Windows XP Professional
47.00163813730300013110/10/2002Roman StrachowskiIBM Netvista PC PIII-1000Mhz1.3.1_01Windows 2000
46.55628910471900013501/06/2004Micha FeherDuron 1300 256Mb SD-Ram KT266A Chipset1.4.2Linux 2.4.20-8
46.41295229626800013503/07/2003Markus WichmannPIV 2533MHz 1024MB DDR3331.4.1_01Windows XP
43.01502557866500013608/24/2003Jorge CoveiroPIV2000A@2600-AsusP4533T-C-512MB-PC8001.4.2Windows XP Professional
41.55560408305600013810/27/2003Pravin MadhavanHP Hewlatt-Packard Microtower 2.8 Ghz, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB1.4.2Windows XP professional
40.96297129337900013505/13/2003Armin KriegAthlonXP 2000+, 512MB CL2-RAM nForce2Sun 1.4.1_01Windows XP
40.05199875617300013211/22/2002J. GleichmannFSC Celsius 460 P-4 2000MHz1.4.1_01WinNT SP 6a
37.65539449362100013610/05/2003Pravin MadhavanHP Hewlatt-Packard Microtower 2.8 Ghz, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB1.4.2Windows XP professional
35.65156829487400013310/16/2002Diermeier JürgenDell Inspiron 8100, PIII-Mobile-866 MHz1.3.1_04Windows 2000
35.55157030970500013110/19/2002Kränzlein RobertSiemens Scenic 1.8 GHz1.4.1_01Windows 2000
33.03163279734000013110/11/2002Thomas PrauseIBM Thinkpad A30p P-III 1.2 GhzIBM JDK 1.3.0Linux
32.18944130242800014110/24/2004Jorge CoveiroToshiba Satellite S3000-504, Mobile PIII-1000Mhz, 256MB RAM1.5.0 (build 1.5.0-b64)Windows XP Professional
29.47199851822800013211/22/2002J. GleichmannFSC Celsius 650 P-III 866MHz1.4.1_01Windows 2000
27.13163744543900013110/11/2002Thomas PrauseIBM Intellistation P-III 800 MhzJDK 1.3.1_02Windows 2000
24.98227282099900013312/20/2002Henning BonessDualPIII@900Mhz,512MB PC100 SDRAM CL2,01.4.1WinNT SP6a
24.09163867920300013110/10/2002Roman StrachowskiIBM TP T22 PIII-900Mhz1.4.0-b92Windows 2000
23.87502549167900013608/24/2003Jorge CoveiroToshiba Satellite S3000-504, Mobile PIII-1000Mhz, 256MB RAM1.4.2Windows XP Professional
19.01199586881700013211/22/2002J. GleichmannIBM IntelliStation P-III 500MHz1.4.1_01WinNT4 SP 6a
15.55590903557500013611/30/2003Philipp SchaeferSONY Vaio PCG-GR215SP, PIII 1,2 GHz, 512MB, 40GB HDD1.4.1Windows XP Professional SP1
15.09412922399900013606/13/2003Martin DendaCeleron 300A@450 MHz, Asus P2B-LS 512MB CL2j2re1.4.1_01Windows 2000
12.54739656093900013604/19/2004Jorge CoveiroToshiba Satellite S3000-504, Mobile PIII-1000Mhz, 256MB RAMBea Logic JRockit8.1sp 1.4.1_03Windows XP Professional 2002
10.69208558727500013212/01/2002Stefan AdlerAMD K6-2, 550MHz on DFI K6BV3+/66, 512MB PC100 SDRAM CL2,0IBM JRE 1.3.0Linux 2.4.18
10.21199375727800013211/22/2002J. GleichmannPentium Pro 300MHz1.4.1_01WinXP
7.33221122246300013212/11/2002Paul C. SteinerK6-2/500 196MB-pc100 EpoX MVP3-C1.3.1_04Win XP pro
4.64162417798100013110/11/2002Thomas PrauseIBM RS/6000-F80 1x RS64-III 500MhzIBM JDK 1.3.0AIX 4.3.3
2.01443966677700013602/07/2003Pravin MadhavanIBM Aptiva Pentium 166 Mhzj2re1.3.1_07Windows 95
1.46311786590400013503/11/2003Markus WichmannApple iMac TFT 800MHz1.4.1_01Mac OS X

Please note:

  • The most time intensive inner loop (about 20 lines of code needs about 80% of the running time) is highly optimized in C to achieve the best performance.
    Especially in the Windows version this code is about 25% faster (depends on platform) because it is written in Assembler x86 and optimized for Pentium(R) Pro, Pentium(R) II, and Pentium(R) III processors.
  • The performance index maybe higher for a higher library version number using the same work unit ID.
  • The performance index maybe higher by using Sun JRE 1.4.1 compared to Sun JRE 1.3.1.
  • The performance index can also be about 30% higher if you change the priority of the process to high.
  • Sometimes there may exist ranges of zeros where the performance index could be very low, e.g. close pair of zeros.
    The performance index depends partly on the work unit ID.
  • The performance index will decrease about 0.3% per day because the complexity to separate the zeros is growing continuously. Therefore, the perfomance index will be 10% lower in about 30 days.