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December 1, 2005   This will be my last message to this community. Please accept my sincere thanks for your contribution to this community. During the last 4 years I have received numerous significant contributions and we have achieved a major milestone in the Computational Number Theory and the Riemann Hypothesis as a leading edge research community. All details will be published soon at the journal Mathematics of Computation.
Now I will close this community with 6,617 members and shutdown the servers as well as the domain That was a very hard decision for me since originally I planned to ship the new release 2.0 with many enhancements and the computation of the Extended Riemann Hypothesis. But especially in this year the availability of the zetagrid services were very poor. That was really frustrating for many contributors and I received lots of feedback. But in nearly all cases my hands were tied since the availability depends on the hosting provider of They have done too many mistakes during many infrastructure migration activities. I got in lots of discussions and in trouble with them. Please accept my decision and that I cannot response to all questions and messages. But I always try to response as much as possible.
August 18, 2004 1.9.3 Now the downloads are moved to IBM alphaWorks.
The new version 1.9.3 contains many bug fixes and the server code is completely restructured. A major feature is that the CPU usage can be changed by the scheduler.
April 18, 2004 1.9.2 For Windows x86 Jürgen Diermeier improved the Assembler part of the inner loop significantly, about 40%. This improvements are in the library 0140.
The new version 1.9.2 contains many bug fixes beside the feature that the statistics can also be downloaded in XML format. Some fixed are:
  • the installation procedure detects if the Control Center is running during the installation procedure
  • in the Control Center the scheduler view has problems with summer time
  • a restart problem is fixed in the Control Center battery mode
  • now redistributed and recomputed work units have the same priority at client side as regular work units
February 19, 2004 1.9.1 On some Java VM versions, e.g. 1.3.1, the verison 1.9.0 cannot encrypt work units. This bug is fixed.
February 14, 2004 1.9.0 The new version 1.9.0 inclusive library 0139 is released which contains the following features:
  • a scheduler to define timeframes when the client can activate and deactivate the computation; this feature is only available with the latest library 0139
  • logging of the client events
  • the client encrypts the URL of every connection to a server
  • client can also run on HP-UX (PA_RISC2.0)
  • on Windows the Control Center can activate and deactivate the computation if the laptop runs in battery mode
  • the installation path can contains blanks; this bug is fixed
December 16, 2003   Now the ZetaGrid library 0138 is also available for AIX (ppc) and SunOS (sparc).
December 1, 2003 1.8.6 The client can also run in a clustered environment with a shared file system.
The availability of the server is improved and a database lock problem is solved.
Some bugfixes (like number of used computers) in the statistics.
And a new server configuration to make the e-mail of a user visible is added.
The Windows Control Center can be installed in every folder, not just in 'c:\zeta' and contains a new action menu to start and stop the computation.
The ZetaGrid library 0138 contains 3 major improvements:
  • Performance is improved for at least 10%
  • Memory usage for multi-processors is significantly reduced
  • The active PID will be stored in a file ''
October 26, 2003   Beta-version of the latest ZetaGrid library (0138) is available for Windows x86 (275 kB, MD5 28fce749e39e550dcd07d68f180776ec) and Linux x86 (164 kB, MD5 a8165bbd50310560cf28dac57c6eb249).
This version contains the following features:
  • Should be about 25% for Windows and about 50% faster than the current active version 0136
  • Memory usage is significantly reduced (shared tables) for multi-processors
  • Value '3' can be configured for the parameter 'resources' to speed-up the computation using 85MB main memory
  • Generates a file '' with the process id
This version is tested, but not on multi-processor machines. Every feedback is very welcome. You get the previous stable version from the server if you delete this file and restart the client with a connection to the server.
July 3, 2003 1.8.5 All user properties (team name, team introduction, homepage, free text, etc.) can be changed at the server; furthermore, no email will be sent for approval if user properties are changed at the client only.
Some user properties are viewed in various statistics (for example the first place, or every individual statistic).
The client checks if all necessary server services are available before transferring results.
Bugfix in the Windows Control Center when using Mozilla as browser.
ZetaGrid is available for Linux ia64.
Some computational results are presented at the Conference in Number Theory in Honour of Professor H.C. Williams, Banff, Alberta, Canada.
May 3, 2003   Beta-version of the latest ZetaGrid library (0137) is available for Linux x86 (423 kB, MD5 ffa36265b76fcddf48de0e5c42131919). This version is compiled with the Intel Compiler 7.0 (needs the library, and should be at least 30% faster than the previous version. This version is tested, but not on multi-processor machines. You get the previous stable version from the server if you delete this file and restart the client with a connection to the server.
April 13, 2003 1.8.4 Asynchronous transfer of results (configurable)
View status during the transfer of the results
Proxy authentication (configurable)
Automatically detect the connection to the server and transfer the results (configurable)
Fix some problems
Bugfix in the Windows Control Center: call the standard browser
March 9, 2003   ZetaGrid is available for Linux sparc.
March 4, 2003 1.8.3 Bugfix in the Windows Control Center: does not store the proxy definition in the configuration.
February 25, 2003   ZetaGrid is available for Linux alpha.
February 24, 2003 1.8.2 Important fix for version 1.8.1 (works not properly).
February 23, 2003 1.8.1 Layout of the Windows configuration panel is changed.
Simple installation of the command line mode on Windows (generating files 'zeta.cmd' and 'zeta.bat').
Priority of the Windows NT service mode can be changed.
JVM of the Windows NT service mode can be defined.
Test button in the Windows configuration panel checks the connection to the server.
Tool tip of the Control Center in the system tray of Windows shows progess of the computation.
February 18, 2003   Many bugs in the statistics are fixed.
New overview statistic, including the performance characteristics.
February 6, 2003   ZetaGrid is available for Linux PPC.
February 2, 2003 1.8.0 The cryptography package is transferred from C++ to Java, i.e. no additional library (crypto) is needed.
The complete source code of the ZetaGrid framework is available.
Up to 25 work units can be reserved.
In the Control Center, the transfer button checks the connection to the server.
A new parameter ("messages") is available to subscribe/unsubscribe for ZetaGrid related announcements.
A new option to put the Control Center in the system tray of Windows.
Many bugs are fixed (file encoding, wrong error messages in special situations, stopping Windows service, etc.).
December 27, 2002 1.7.1 IMPORTANT UPDATE: Improving the distinction of different clients with the same hostname and changing IP address, e.g. DHCP. This improvement solves many problems, e.g. installation.
Two new parameters ("exit" and "exit.time") are available in the command line version to terminate the client.
All known bugs are fixed.
December 12, 2002 1.7.0 Teams can be defined. And a new team statistic is available.
The usage of the main memory can be configured to improve the performance of the calculation (about 35%).
The performance of the Windows version is improved by using the Intel Compiler 7.0 (about 20%).
Information about the active computers are available in the statistic top producers.
The information in screen saver mode is equal to the Control Center.
December 9, 2002   IBM Grid Presse Event.
December 1, 2002   The verbosity of the command line version is configurable.
Starting further improvements of the Assembler version for Windows (see
November 19, 2002   ZetaGrid is available for Mac OS X.
November 10, 2002 1.6.1 View status of multi-processor computers in the ZetaGrid Control Center.
ZetaGrid Control Center views an estimate of the remaining time to complete an active work unit.
New statistic close zeros.
New library for the verification of the zeros (v1.32) to log close zeros and generate status files for multi-processor computers.
November 4, 2002   The performance of the servlets for the statistic is significantly improved.
The configuration of the ZetaGrid forum is optimized.
October 14, 2002 1.6.0 Improve/Reduce the necessary connections to the server.
Fix a memory leak in ZetaGrid Control Center.
New installation routine.
Uninstall function for Windows version.
ZetaGrid Control Center views a performance index.
October 4, 2002 1.5.8 More information in the ZetaGrid client.
Improving ZetaGrid Control Center.
ZetaGrid is available for Sun Solaris.
September 30, 2002 1.5.7 Improving the installation of the ZetaGrid client.
ZetaGrid Control Center.
September 25, 2002 1.5.6 Improving the configuration of the ZetaGrid client.
Bug fixes in the initialization of the client.
September 21, 2002   ZetaGrid is offering four prizes.
September 7, 2002 1.5.5 Improving the help of the ZetaGrid client.
September 2, 2002 1.5.3 A proxy for the connection to the server can be configured in the ZetaGrid client.
September 1, 2002 1.5.2 Changing the default caching policy of Java from "forever" to "never" for name lookups from the name service because the default caching policy causes sometimes problems when using the ZetaGrid client as offline mode.
August 26, 2002 1.5.0 ZetaGrid released for the public Internet.
August 28, 2001 1.0.0 ZetaGrid launched in the intranet of IBM Corp.