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  Riemann Hypothesis  
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This computational record was made possible with courtesy of the computer support of IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH, Böblingen (Germany).

It is with great pleasure that I acknowledge the efforts of the many people who have contributed to the development of this computation. First and foremost, I thank my managers Herbert Kircher, Jörg Thielges, Reinhold Krause, and Ralf Grohmann who have made a series of computations possible. I also wish to thank Rene Auberger, Rainer Baisch, Sándor Bárány, Susanne Betsch, Georg Begerow, Markus Bruns, Denis Cappellin, Jorge Coveiro, Pierre Desjardins, Jürgen Diermeier, Gunter Dueck, Jörg Erdmenger, Toralf Förster, Ingo Franzki, Jürgen Gleichmann, Edgar Gottsmann, Ralf Grohmann, Hendrik Haddorp, Steffen Hotz, Ulrich Huber, Michael Imhof, Uwe Katt, Michael Keppler, Thomas Kellermann, Friedhelm Kessler, Jochen Klein, Gero Kleinert, Tadej Kotnik, Reinhold Krause, Matthias Kubik, Slawomir Malusecki, Alexander Maringer, Steven Joel Miller, Anders Molin, Christian Nett, Andrew Odlyzko, Johannes Paechnatz, Eberhard Pasch, Kirk Pearson, Alessandro Polverini, Thomas Prause, Tilman Rau, Herman J. J. te Riele, Oliver Rudolph, Oli Scheit, Bernhard Schmid, Josef Schmid, Jens Seifert, Gregor Shapiro, Martina Sieber, Benno Stäbler, Rainer Stahl, Jan van de Lune, Wolfgang Westje, Ralf Willers, Holger Wittmann, and Helmut Zudrell for many useful suggestions.

Finally, I gratefully acknowledge the expert help I received during the preparation of this computation. Herman J. J. te Riele and Jan van de Lune gave me many hints, comments and suggestions during the computation. Hendrik Haddorp implemented a first prototype of the client/server communication over HTTP and he also set up a first prototype servlet to store and view the data of the "top producers." Edgar Gottsmann, Martina Sieber and Gregor Shapiro reworked and edited some of the web/help pages and some dialogues of the Control Center. Martina Sieber and Steffen Hotz tested this application by using quality assurance standards of IBM. Edgar Gottsmann helped me to fix various bugs and to improve this application. Jürgen Diermeier fixed various bugs and improved the Assembler part of the computational library significantly. Ralf Grohmann set up a FAQ page. Cornelius Caesar, Roman Strachowski and Helmut Zudrell helped me to port this code on multi-processor workstations with IBM AIX and Linux; Bernhard Schmid and Eberhard Pasch helped porting it to the IBM S390 system; Christian A. Kuzmanic helped porting it to the Linux PPC system; Jürgen Gross ported it to the Sun Solaris system; Nicolai Mainiero ported it to the Mac OS X system; Hermann Gundel ported it to the Linux alpha system; Tomas J. Sokorai Sch. helped porting it to the Linux sparc system; Michael Siebecker ported it to the Linux sparc system; Thomas Prause ported it to the Linux ia64 system; and Jens Seifert ported it to the HP-UX PA_RISC2.0 system; Pavel Hlobil ported it to the Linux amd64 system; Emile Joubert ported it to the SunOS x86 system.